Chiropody Treatment in your home

This is our most popular service and what many of our clients think of when booking an appointment.


We manage your hard to cut nails, corns and hard skin and use an appropriate emollient after your treatment.


Be assured that your are bing cared for by a fully qualified podiatrist with up to date training and state registration and criminal records check (DBS)

The treatment involves three key steps


1. Assessment of your foot health.


On your first appointment we make a record of your  vascular and neurological status of your feet.


Each visit involves a brief review of treatment to date and any changes you may have noted since your last appointment


2. Treatment


Nail cut and file, reducing thickened nails, removing hard to cut nail edges

Removal of hard skin and corns

Softening treatments for dry areas

Application of appropriate emollients to help maintain good skin and nail tone


3. Review of your treatment plan.


This may be as simple as managing your own nail care, emollient regime, change of footwear, but could also involve antibiotic treatment, referral to GP services etc. We will also make a next appointment for you.


Amanda Grant manages the Foot Clinic in Moseley.


A qualified Podiatrist, Amanda is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).


Registration number: CH33572

To find out more visit the

HCPC website


Amanda Grant Chiropody has moved to 

Foot Clinic - Moseley

0121 369 2779

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